How to Pair Cannabis with Workouts for Active Stoners

By Lauren Yoshiko, Thrillist on January 13, 2023

CBD-infused muscle sticks, energizing gummies, and vitamin-packed drink mixes for athletic tokers.

People who love cannabis will recommend it for everything. Can’t sleep? Try weed. Can’t eat? You need weed. Glaucoma? Weed. Broken heart? Yup, weed. Although such claims have yet to be proven accurate, one turns out to hold some water: weed and working out might be a great duo.

To be clear, no one is saying weed will make you faster or stronger. However, scientists have discovered a link between our endocannabinoid systems—the part of our bodies with receptors that interact with cannabis—and the sensation commonly referred to as “runner’s high.” They are very similar sets of receptors that, when activated, may complement one another.

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