Five Cannabis-Infused Beverage Alternatives for Dry January

By Herbert Fuego, Westword on January 16, 2023

January is the month of self-improvement, and that state of mind is no longer confined to New Year’s resolutions. Dry January is all the rage now, and you can participate without being sober for a month.

Sober January’s roots date back to a public-health campaign in 1940s Finland, but the term “Dry January” starting gaining steam in the 2010s. You know: As with “Sober October,” a good slogan is all people need to decrease their alcohol consumption and engage in a healthier life.

If you got stuck signing up for Dry January, we’re here with cheat codes. Marijuana-infused beverages will keep the buzz coming while you technically stay dry for any stretch deemed alcohol-free by the hip and trendy. Beer, seltzers, coffee and drink starters with CBD or THC are all available at dispensaries, and it won’t cost much more than a liquor-store run.

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