“Delta City Council Considers Allowing Designated Cannabis Consumption Spaces: A Progressive Step for the Community”

World Cannabis – Robert Moore – Jan 16 2023

“Delta city council has recently discussed the possibility of allowing cannabis consumption spaces within the city. As a cannabis activist, I believe that this is a progressive and necessary step for the community.

The legalization of cannabis has created a need for safe and designated spaces for consumption. The current lack of such spaces forces cannabis users to consume in private spaces, such as homes, which can lead to issues of second-hand smoke and potential conflicts with non-consuming neighbors.

Designated cannabis consumption spaces would also provide an opportunity for community education and normalization of cannabis use. They could serve as a platform for information and resources on safe and responsible consumption, as well as a space for community members to gather and engage in responsible consumption together.

The British Columbia government has released the results of a public survey on a proposal to allow cannabis consumption spaces in the province. The survey was conducted by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General in spring 2022, and Indigenous partners, stakeholders, and residents of British Columbia were invited to provide their thoughts on non-medical cannabis consumption spaces. The results, which are now available in a “what we heard” report, indicate that 61% of telephone survey respondents and 34% of online survey respondents support the creation of cannabis consumption spaces.

However, it is still uncertain whether the government will proceed with the creation of such spaces, and if so, in what form they will take. Previous statements by the government suggest that consumption spaces could include businesses or special events that provide cannabis for on-site sale and use, such as cafes, lounges, concerts, festivals, and spas. These spaces would need to align with provincial public health and safety objectives, such as prohibiting indoor smoking and vaping.

Allowing cannabis consumption spaces would be a revenue generator for the city. It would provide a source of income through licensing fees and taxes, and it could also attract tourism to the city.

In conclusion, allowing cannabis consumption spaces in Delta is a step forward towards a more progressive and inclusive community. It prioritizes public safety, education and community engagement while providing economic benefits to the city.”Regenerate response