Canna Drama: How Drama in the Cannabis Community is Hurting the Cause

World Cannabis – Robert Moore – Jan 29 2023

The cannabis community has been growing in recent years as more counties legalize cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. With this growth, however, has come drama and negative behavior that is hurting the overall cause. People in the cannabis industry are rating each other’s businesses, spreading rumours, and engaging in other negative behaviours that are not in line with the love and positivity that the community is supposed to embody.

Canna drama not only causes harm to individuals and businesses but also undermines the progress that has been made in legalizing and normalizing the use of marijuana. It sends a negative message to the general public and makes it harder for those who truly care about the cause to create meaningful change. This type of drama also detracts from the many positive aspects of the cannabis industry, such as the medical benefits of marijuana and the economic opportunities it creates.

One example of canna drama is the spread of false information about companies and individuals in the industry. This can range from spreading false rumors about a business’s products to maliciously attacking someone’s reputation online. Not only is this behavior unethical, but it also has the potential to cause serious harm to the reputation of the business or individual being targeted.

Another example of canna drama is the rating and review culture in the cannabis industry. While it is important to have a way for customers to provide feedback on their experiences, some individuals have taken this to a negative extreme by leaving malicious reviews or giving a business a low rating simply because they disagree with their practices or have a personal vendetta. This can lead to an unhealthy competition and create division within the community.

In conclusion, canna drama is hurting the cannabis community and the cause of legalization and normalization. It is important for individuals and businesses to focus on positivity and collaboration in order to continue making progress towards their goals. By promoting love and unity, the cannabis community can continue to grow and succeed while also sending a positive message to the general public.