The Devastating Consequences of Demonizing Cannabis and Promoting Alcohol

World Cannabis – Robert Moore – Jan 29 2023

The comparison of cannabis and alcohol as societal vices is a complex and controversial issue that has long been a subject of debate. Both substances have been utilized for centuries for medicinal and recreational purposes, but their effects and consequences on society have been vastly different. The demonization of cannabis and the promotion of alcohol has led to significant consequences and has contributed to the loss of millions of lives.

Alcohol has been widely accepted as a legal and socially acceptable substance for centuries, despite the fact that it causes significant harm to the human body and contributes to numerous health problems. In addition, alcohol consumption is often associated with aggressive behavior, domestic violence, and accidental deaths. In fact, alcohol consumption is the leading cause of death in the United States and is responsible for more than 88,000 deaths each year.

On the other hand, cannabis has been demonized and criminalized for much of the last century, despite evidence pointing to its medicinal benefits and relatively low risk of harm compared to other substances, including alcohol. This demonization of cannabis has led to decades of misinformation and propaganda, hindering its acceptance and use, even for medicinal purposes.

The result of this demonization and promotion has had devastating consequences on society. By focusing on demonizing cannabis and promoting alcohol, countless lives have been lost and countless families have been destroyed. The war on drugs has resulted in mass incarceration, taking valuable resources away from communities and families and causing irreparable harm to countless lives.

In conclusion, the demonization of cannabis and promotion of alcohol has contributed to the loss of millions of lives and has had a lasting impact on society. It is imperative that we examine the facts and evidence surrounding these substances, in order to make informed decisions and policies that benefit society as a whole.