Rapper Wyclef Jean On Weed, Psychedelics And Creativity: ‘POC Who Were Incarcerated Due To Cannabis Deserve A Seat At The Table’

By Javier Hasse, Forbes on May 1, 2023

“My mind is constantly racing every second, a new thought or a new idea. Sometimes it feels like a million voices at once, but I have learned… cannabis helps calm the voices down and I get more focused,” says the Grammy-winning musician and producer Wyclef Jean in an exclusive interview.

The artist shared his thoughts on cannabis, its connection to hip-hop culture and his own journey with the plant during an interview before performing at The Grass Is Greener Gathering in Hadley, Massachusetts.

‘Now You Have Hedge Fund Managers At Cannabis Events’
As it has been widely discussed in this column, the connection between cannabis and hip-hop culture in undeniable. But for Wyclef, the connection is deeper than many assume: cannabis and hip-hop alike have faced uphill battles for acceptance, he argues.

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