25 Big Companies That Don’t Drug Test Employees

By Hamna Asim, Yahoo News on July 3, 2023

In this article, we discuss 25 big companies that don’t drug test employees. If you want to skip our detailed discussion on the topic, head directly to 5 Big Companies That Don’t Drug Test Employees.

Using cannabis can affect attention, memory, and learning, same as alcohol. It is understandable that employers prefer workers to be lucid during work, be it drugs or alcohol. However, workplace drug testing can only detect recent cannabis or drug use, and it does not necessarily determine potential safety problems in the future. Other substances like opioids, antidepressants, and medically prescribed marijuana can also cause impairment. If an employee offers a valid prescription, the employer has to legally accept their use of these medications. Similarly, with recreational drugs, unless employees come to work visibly stoned or with their mental faculties impaired, should it really matter to employers what they do on their own time? CBD products that don’t cause a high in users may also contain elements that trigger a positive response on a drug screening test.

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