Cannabis Day in Vancouver: United for Cannabis Rights

World Cannabis – Robert Moore – July 4 2023


Cannabis Day in Vancouver witnessed an inspiring display of unity within the cannabis community as they came together to advocate for their rights. Despite facing challenges and a strong police presence, these activists remained determined in their pursuit of cannabis legalization. This article highlights the events of that day, emphasizing the unity displayed by the cannabis community and the obstacles they overcame.

A Fenced-Off Park and Police Presence:

Upon arriving at Thorton Park, the cannabis community was disheartened to find the entire park fenced off. To compound matters, around 30 police officers had encircled the area, creating a tense atmosphere. However, undeterred by these setbacks, the community quickly adapted and relocated the stage near the Main Street Skytrain station entrance.

Police Warnings and Protest Determination:

Despite receiving warnings from the police about selling cannabis, the protesters remained committed to their planned demonstration. As tensions rose, the police threatened to remove tents, further fueling the activists’ determination. In a powerful show of solidarity, the cannabis committee rallied together, raising their voices with chants of “free the weed.”

Escalation and Marching On:

Amid increasing tensions, the police grew more aggressive, resorting to physical altercations with activists. It was during this confrontation that Rosie Rurka, a prominent figure within the cannabis community, was shoved by a police officer. James Desjarles, witnessing this act of aggression, bravely shoved the police officer back in defense of Rosie. Unfortunately, James Desjarles was subsequently arrested for his actions.

Bold Actions and Arrests:

In response to the escalating situation, Robert Moore seized the official World Cannabis banner, and the protesters made the decision to march along the road. Moore asserted that their right to march was protected under civil liberties. However, the police deployed their bicycles to form a barricade, impeding the progress of the demonstration. Despite the arrests and confrontations, the cannabis community remained united, continuing their protest with resilience.

Unity Prevails:

Despite the adversities faced throughout the day, the cannabis community remained united in their cause. Dana Larsen took the stage, conducting a demonstration and announcing that he would be selling cannabis joints by donation. In an act of solidarity, participants contributed to a glass jar, symbolizing their support. Even in the presence of the police, people openly consumed cannabis without any intervention from law enforcement, highlighting the shared commitment to cannabis rights.


Cannabis Day in Vancouver showcased the unwavering determination and unity of the cannabis community in their fight for legalization. Despite the park being fenced off and the heavy police presence, activists adapted, marched, and openly consumed cannabis. The event highlighted the resilience and commitment of the cannabis community, with individuals like James Desjarles stepping up to defend their fellow activists. Such unity and activism are essential for advancing the cause of cannabis rights in Canada.