How Colorado’s Marijuana Tax Money Benefits Many Business Sectors Beyond Cannabis

By Joana Scopel, Benzinga on August 21, 2023

“With my firm, I started by providing free legal services to social equity applicants because that was what I identified as one of the barriers to entry,” said Rachael Ardanuy, cannabis business attorney at RZA Legal at the recent Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami, reflecting on her commitment to making a difference in the cannabis sector.

During a panel discussion titled ‘Social Equity: Translating Policy Into Action’, Ernest Toney, founder of BIPOCann, sought Rachael’s insights. Toney is set to participate as a featured speaker at the upcoming Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Chicago on September 27-28.

“Rachel, could you tell me a little bit about how you are working to bridge policy gaps to ensure that communities can access this industry?” Toney asked

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