In Pharmacies And Other Secure Places: The Sale Of Cannabis Is Launched But Regulated In Zurich

By Gaetan Bally, Day FR Euro on August 22, 2023

After Basel, Zurich has become the second city in Switzerland to launch the controlled sale of cannabis in pharmacies. The city of Zwingli innovates by making it also legally accessible in social clubs and an information point on drugs.

Since Tuesday, participants in the Zurich pilot project can buy five organic cannabis products of Swiss quality in ten pharmacies, six social clubs and in the municipal information center on drugs, the city says. Four other products will be added to this offer in the fall.

80% men
So far, 1,200 people between the ages of 18 and 80 have registered to take part in the pilot project, 80% of them men. The Zurich study is to last three years. It examines the effects of a regulated sale of cannabis on the consumption and health of participants.

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